Fundamentally speaking, we simply exist as a business model to ensure that we are keeping large retail lenders honest. Without our clients, there is no us. In a nutshell, that is who the Swift team is.

The story of our founders is very much an underdog story. As a core group of individuals that have overcome many obstacles on our path to chasing the American dream, we intend on leaving our mark and writing an admirable story that is built on resilience, integrity, education, and trust. 

As Americans, homeowners, and family-oriented individuals ourselves, we know exactly what makes the client experience unique. We know what our clients need and we aren’t interested in wasting their time. At our core, our experience dwells from the years we had working in Retail lending. With that experience, we came together to create Swift Home Loans to ensure that our clients never overpay for a mortgage refinance or purchase ever again. 

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